Website SEO Setup

$ 1,250 CAD

SEO is hugely important for how your business performs online. Setting up your website's SEO properly from the beginning is a great way to increase your visibility online by making it possible for people to find you when they search for your business, and the products and services you provide.

SEO audit

Keyword Research

Alt Text

Page Title Tags

Meta Descriptions

Open Graph Titles, Images and Descriptions



What To Expect

The terms and steps associated with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be quite technical if you are not familiar with them. But essentially, SEO helps establish your website with search engines, makes your business more visible and drives traffic to your website.

With our SEO setup option, we will make sure the initial SEO of your website is properly set up. This helps towards making sure your website shows up when people are searching for your business, and the products and services you offer.

Some of the ways we do this are by setting up the following:

Alt Text (making sure your images have appropriate descriptions, which improves accessibility and is an important component of SEO)

Page Title Tags and Meta Descriptions (important for things like how your website shows up on web browser tabs and search results pages)

Open Graph Titles and Descriptions (this is the image and information that shows up when you share content on social media, like a link to your website in a Facebook post)

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