User Experience (UX) Review

$ 1,000 CAD

Our User Experience (UX) review is perfect for small and medium sized businesses who want to make sure their website is providing the best experience possible, but can't afford the cost of hiring a full time UX Designer.

Your User Experience (UX) Review will include a report with the following:

UX Personas

UX Strengths

UX Weaknesses (ie. pain points)

Recommendations For Improvements

Other Insights

What To Expect

Our UX reviews give you key insights into how your users are interacting with your website, identifying "pain points" that negatively affect their experience. Upon completing the review, we provide you with a detailed report on our findings which you can then use to implement changes to enhance your company's user experience. Wether you choose to implement the changes yourself, hire a design agency or freelancer, or have us do the design work for you, the final report is completely yours and you are under no obligation to hire us for the implementation.

How it works:

- We start by gathering information from you about your clients, your target audience, and your business. This is usually in the form of a phone call or video meeting that lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

- We use this research to create personas, which we use to keep the user front and centre throughout our review process (a persona is a fictional character which represents your target users. They are an extremely valuable UX tool that allows you to better understand your target audience and make design decisions accordingly.)

- We will conduct a review of your website from the perspective of your target audience and provide you with a report detailing insights and recommendations for improvements (including your UX strengths and weaknesses)

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