Enhance Your User Experience

Companies with great User Experience have higher customer satisfaction, more repeat business and higher revenue.

What Is User Experience (UX) Design And Why Does It Matter?
UX is all about ensuring your products are practical and usable, requiring a deep understanding of a user's needs, wants, and behaviours in order to enhance their experience while interacting with your product.

How we help grow your business with better User Experience

A strong focus on UX Design is a must have, but is often prohibitively expensive for small businesses as the salary for a senior UX designer in Canada averages at just over $120,000 per year. That is why Boreal offers a range of UX options to ensure your business is not missing out on an essential component of running your business. By conducting UX reviews of your website or digital products and services, we help identify pain points your customers are facing and offer solutions on how to fix them.

Why is User Experience Design important for your business?

"On average, every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return, an ROI of 9,900%"
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- Forrester Research

Better UX Increases Revenue And Customer Satisfaction

The way customers experience your products and services influences their adoption of new products, and the continued use of those products. A good experience will show customers that you care about them, fuelling engagement with your brand and making your customers happy. And with the massive impact of social media on customer buying habits, a happy customer will positively influence others.

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    80% of internet users are willing to pay extra for a good user experience.

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    94% of consumers cited design as the main reason for leaving or mistrusting a website.

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    Only 1% of online shoppers are satisfied with e-commerce websites they interact with.

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    Over 30% of customers would leave a brand they liked in the past after only one bad user experience.

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    As many as 70% of online businesses fail due to the bad usability of their website or apps.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Show your customers you value them by investing in their experience.

Stay Competitive

Good UX is not just for big business. Stay competitive by increasing focus on how your customers interact with you.

Increase Customer Retention

Create an experience that makes customers want to stay with your business.

Access Professional UX Support

Access insights from UX experts without needing to hire an in house designer.