Comprehensive Digital Marketing

Give your business some digital padding. Increase your online presence and grow your customer base with a comprehensive marketing strategy across multiple digital platforms.

Why Is A Digital Marketing Strategy Important For Your Business? A comprehensive digital marketing strategy allows you to better focus your messaging which can lead to a better return on investment.

How we help grow your business with digital marketing essentials

At Boreal, our focus on Small Business means we focus on the most essential digital marketing channels your business needs to thrive: E-mail, Search Engines (SEM), and Social Media. Our process is quite simple: we work with you to create a comprehensive marketing strategy which we then use to design and implement your digital marketing campaigns. With monthly reporting and campaign reviews, we ensure you are up to date on essential KPIs and make adjustments as needed for more effective campaigns.

Why is digital marketing important for your business?

"81% of customers search online before they make a purchase in a physical store."
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- Chain Store Age

Effective E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for your business to engage with your customers and establish long lasting relationships with them. According to a study by Campaign Monitor of 1,000 small business owners, email marketing was ranked as the second most effective medium for building brand awareness and had the highest return on investment for small businesses.

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Optimized Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Marketing your business on search engines like Google and Bing is an effective way to bring "qualified traffic", or good-fit customers, to your business who are searching for products and services like the ones you offer. With SEM, you can boost your business revenue by increasing website traffic, receiving more calls and leads, and increasing visits to your physical location.

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Powerful Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for your business can have a big advantage over other forms of marketing on traditional media platforms like TV and Radio. With the massive reach of social media, you can quickly spread information about your business in a cost-effective, targeted manner. This can translate into more followers, more leads, and more sales for your business.

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Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Run more effective campaigns with a comprehensive strategy tailored for your business.

Consistent Branding

Keeping your branding consistent across multiple platforms builds trust with your customers.

Monthly Reporting & Campaign Review

Keep up to date on how your campaigns are going and make changes when needed.

No Ad Spend Limits

Set ad spend limits that feel right for your business, without paying us more for it.